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Is Your Child Having a Good Night SLEEP?

Updated: May 23, 2023

Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) is a broader term used to elaborate various causative factors leading to the negative consequence of disordered nasal breathing during sleep.

In modern times most of the young children or toddlers do not sleep with their parents due to various reasons ranging from personal to cultural. The most common variant is obstruction of the upper airway due to the enlargement of tonsils caused by bacterial or idiopathic etiology.

Allergic enlargement of adenoids or deviated nasal septum. Children with SDB are often classed as ADHD because of the wrong diagnosis as these kids more often are hyperactive during the waking hours, unlike the adult sleep apnea patients who are more sluggish during the day.

These kids find it difficult to stay focussed, lack of cognitive abilities, habitual mouth breathers leading to compromised growth of nasal-maxillary complex leading to a lack of normal growth of jaw bones and associated structures. These kids are more prone to develop as individuals with underlying obstructive airway issues. Take Control of Your Child's Airway Health Today.

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