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When Is The Right Time for Orthodontic Consultation

Updated: Jun 21

Most of us as parents think that Orthodontics is just for teenagers and thus wait until the child attains 13 years and above and have a misconceived notion that orthodontic treatment would be too early for their young children. On the contrary seeing a child as early as 7 years helps your consultant orthodontist to identify the problems with jaw growth and erupting adult teeth. Or the teeth which may look straight now may have underlying problem which may be expressed in later years of life. The child may be missing teeth, impacted teeth, which could be visualised on X- rays.

If the problem can be identified early, treatment(s) can be rendered early for a better and predictable results. Starting early has benefits of less treatment time altogether or less complicated treatment in due course of time. As well as the time window which help when the child is still growing which may not be possible when child has attained full growth of jaws.

Thus we could guide the jaw growth, lower the risk of trauma to front teeth, improve appearance, correct harmful oral habits, guide the teeth into more favourable position and improve the position of lips to meet. With early orthodontic assessment of your child you would be doing great favour to your child. And give your child a " Confident Smile we always want"

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