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Back to School

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Back to school Dental Health Tips Dental health is an important aspect from the early life and as parent or carer of our children, the earlier we introduce the healthy dental hygiene practices, the more likely this routine will stay for years to come. Children generally need assistance up to age of 6-7 years of life for brushing and dental care needs. Now as, the kids are back to school in the new school year ... Along with the new school books, crayons, coloured pencils, glittery pens, new uniform and shoes, joy of bus rides and home work, don’t you reckon it is time for new toothbrushes also!...if the old one is worn out or more than 6 months old In today’s busy life and hectic schedules of ours we may miss few things and Dental health needs of our children might get affected maybe one of them.. Let’s make an exciting healthy dental routine for our kids, as dental health affects our overall health. To achieve that we should instil healthy habits for our child’s dental Health. Make Brushing and Flossing a Fun If we help our children to make their brushing and flossing activity a fun, it will be exciting for the children and super easy for us as parents. How can we help our Child— 🪥Put a sticky note on bedside or on the wall with brush image on it as a reminder. 🪥 We should incentivise our child for brushing and flossing. Rewarding our child will help for a healthy oral care habit. 🪥Child should brush for 2 minutes morning and evening. It is good idea to watch our child, until they become confident enough to brush for full 2 minutes unsupervised. Healthy Diet 🪥Sticky and Sugary stuff increases the acid, which results in tooth decay. 🪥 Pack healthy crunchy & munchy lunch 🪥 Habit of drinking plenty of water is more important than juices and soft drinks. Plan Back to school Dental Check Up in advance 🪥Like we all do, children do need 6 monthly check up & clean as well. Which helps get rid of deposition of calculus, which brushing and flossing fails to clear away once established. Dental examination is must to assess the teeth and gums. 🪥Dentist can identify problems like tooth decay, teeth - discolouration, weakened enamel, issues with tooth and jaw growth so these issues can be addressed timely. 🪥Fissure Sealants can prevent plaque & decay, reduce the risk of cavities by 80%. Children who have tooth decay in their baby teeth, they are more prone to dental issues with their replaced adult teeth as well. It is very important to timely address the issues with baby teeth to prevent dental health issues in future. Start the new school year with a confident Smile.

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