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We at "Sparkling White Dental" want to make sure that your general dental needs and that of your family are taken care of in the best possible way. It could be a simple filling of tooth, replacing an amalgam filling, professional cleaning of your teeth. Performing a thorough checkup to detect any future issues/problems resolving them and educating you to be careful and cautious.

We at "Sparkling White Dental" strongly recommend 6 monthly checkups to avoid any surprises. Where we ensure a thorough check-up and clean.

Root canal treatment is the way of treating an infected tooth, by removing the diseased tissues and draining the residual abscess. Restoring it to full form and function. A root canal treated tooth often last a lifetime. It is worthwhile to save a natural tooth rather than replacing it with something which looks natural.

Wisdom teeth often cause immense pain and discomfort. The simple reason is when it partially emerges through the gum there enough space for the bugs to enter the space and cause infection. All the wisdom teeth need not be extracted but if they are malpositioned and or would cause decay of the adjoining teeth, a consultation should be sought for the assessment.

Prevention is better than cure. We are a sports-oriented community. Custom made mouthguards are the best protection rather than the over the counter ones from the sports shop or pharmacies. As they don’t fit as good as custom made one thus the protection rendered is relatively less. So it is highly recommended to use a custom made mouthguards, which offers much better protection. 

Health-fund rebates are available, discounts applicable on purchase of more than one mouthguards in a single-family.

At "Sparkling White Dental" 

Kids are considered special just like our own and we don't think of them as little adults. We understand they need special care to nurture their young teeth and to guide the growth of dental tissues to be healthy in the future. 

The motive is to preserve the permanent dentition from deteriorating and regulating the normal growth and intercepting any deviation of normal growth and development.

We highly focus on Airway centric growth which would prevent these kids from having conditions like sleep apnea when they grow older.

Bulk-billing is available through Medicare's CDBS scheme.

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