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If you are missing all of your top teeth or all of your bottom teeth then a full denture is what you will need. A full denture will not only allow you to eat and talk more comfortably but it will also improve your smile and face shape.

Dentures could be tissue supported where the person has a good bone to support dentures. But in case of lack of bone support, the dental implants can be used to support the dentures which makes it a fixed replacement.

A Concept of "ALL ON 4"

Partial dentures

If you are only missing a few teeth but still have some natural teeth remaining then you are eligible for a partial denture. Partial dentures will improve your appearance by filling in the gaps in your teeth with life-like acrylic teeth. They will also allow you to eat better and get less food stuck in areas of missing teeth. made of (Metal and Acrylic Resin) combination and or just acrylic resin


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