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Do You Make These 5 Brushing Mistakes?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Written by Goondiwindi Dentist, Dr.Bik Sandhu BDS

We brush our teeth twice a day. The importance of brushing teeth cannot be overemphasised. A nice smile attracts people and makes you feel good about yourself. Brushing is easy but mastering the brushes art unknowingly creates a lot of mistakes which can cause brushing burn and gum diseases.

  • Fast-paced brushing: We all live in a fast-paced environment, and we all complain about lack enough time at hand. But in essence it takes just two minutes of careful and articulate brushing which can keep dental problems at bay.

  • Which paste? Fluoridated or non-fluoridated, herbal, charcoal, desensitising etc. One thing which most of us don’t understand is, it’s the brushing which is more important than the paste. Different manufacturers market their product and brands differently. But what they don’t want you to know is couple of hours after brushing with any paste opportunistic bugs invade the oral cavity again!

  • Rinsing with water after brushing negates the effects of paste as the paste only works topically.

  • Brushing with worn-out brush, this not only damages the teeth and gums but it also doesn’t clean as a proper brush would do.

  • Mouthwash it is imperative to understand how to choose a right mouthwash. Most commonly mouthwashes do little than create a fresh breath after use. But it is critical to understand which and why of mouthwash to be used.

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